The reality is that homes in top condition will sell the quickest and demand the highest prices. Is your home in top condition?

Delays in closing can cost you extra mortgage and property tax payments. Saving only one extra payment more than pays for the Seller Inspection. It could be the best investment you make in selling your home!

MoveInCertified homes have been pre-inspected by InterNACHI certified inspectors and the sellers confirm that there are no major systems in need of immediate repair or replacement and no known safety hazards.

Advantages of selling a home that has been Move In Certified:

  • Move In Certified yard signs attract potential buyers
  • Move In Certified logos can be used on all marketing materials
  • Optional Green Certification may add value to your home
  • A seller inspection permits a clean home inspection report hosted on to be used as a marketing tool
  • The seller can schedule the inspections at the seller's convenience
  • The seller can assist the inspector during the inspection, something normally not done during a buyer's inspection
  • The report can help the seller realistically price the home if problems exist
  • The report can help the seller substantiate a higher asking price if problems don't exist or have been corrected
  • A seller inspection reveals problems ahead of time which:
    • might make the home show better
    • gives the seller time to make repairs and shop for competitive contractors
    • permits the seller to attach repair estimates or paid invoices to the inspection report
    • removes over-inflated buyer procured estimates from the negotiation table
  • The report might alert the seller to any immediate safety issues found, before agents and visitors tour the home
  • The report provides a third-party, unbiased opinion to offer to potential buyers
  • A seller inspection is the ultimate gesture in forthrightness on the part of the seller
  • The report might relieve a prospective buyer's unfounded suspicions, before they walk away
  • A seller inspection lightens negotiations and 11th-hour renegotiations
  • The report might encourage the buyer to waive the inspection contingency
  • The deal is less likely to fall apart the way they often do when a buyer's inspection unexpectedly reveals a problem, last minute
  • The report provides full-disclosure protection from future legal claims
  • More details can be found at

Remember, ONLY InterNACHI certified inspectors can provide Move In Certification. We are certified by InterNACHI, The International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants (IAC2) and licened by TREC.

Optional Green Certification

"Going Green" is one of the hottest trends here in Central Texas. Green Certification should help you to sell your home faster and for a better price. This certification was created through the joint efforts of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, Inc. (InterNACHI), the International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants, Inc. (IAC2) and's Green Certified is a designation for homes thatuse design features, technologies and products that:

  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Reduce pollution
  • Provide healthier air
  • Increase comfort
  • Reduce water usage preserve natural resources
  • Increase durability
  • Make a home quieter
  • Lower monthly costs
  • Improve resale value

Green Certified homes are healthier, more environmentally friendly, and economically smarter that average homes. We can easily add a Green Review to our full certification. This service includes review of areas that impact the energy effeciency of the home. The findings will be provided as a separate report.



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